U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Clean Vehicles Consortium

C-CET has been selected as a partner of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) Clean Vehicles Consortium. A five-year U.S. DOE grant will enable C-CET to actively engage in the CERC-Clean Vehicles Consortium, thereby strengthening C-CET’s reserach interaction with China.

The CERC-Clean Vehicles Consortium seeks to contribute to dramatic improvements in technologies with potential to reduce the dependence of vehicles on oil and improve vehicle fuel efficiency. Joint research is conducted in the following areas: advanced batteries and energy conversion, advanced biofuels and clean combustion, vehicle electrification, advanced lightweight materials and structures, vehicle-grid integration and energy systems analysis.

As a CERC partner, UC Davis’ C-CET will contribute findings from its consumer behavior research and dialogue on California ZEV and other clean vehicle policies with China.

“It’s a great honor for us to be invited to partner with the CERC-Clean Vehicles Consortium,” said ITS-Davis Founding Director Dan Sperling. “It reinforces the value of our UC Davis research, in particular, and of California’s policy practices, in general.”

C-CET Director Yunshi Wang adds that UC Davis’ and CERC’s complementary research make a strong combination. “It’s a natural partnership, and I suspect we will all learn a great deal from each other and in turn contribute to our shared goals.”