The China Center for Energy and Transportation (C-CET) is the leading international center for the study of transportation energy activities in China, and the only center of its kind in North America.

Established by the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) in partnership with leading Chinese universities, C-CET leverages the breadth of knowledge across institutions to create a unique hub focused on China’s rapidly evolving transportation energy sector. C-CET brings together ITS-Davis’ network of leading international analysts and scholars and China’s leading scholars to provide fundamental understandings through original, independent analysis and joint U.S.-China research.

C-CET plays an integral role in managing the China-U.S. ZEV Policy Lab, a five-year collaboration to help speed the commercialization of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs), such as plug-in and fuel cell electric cars in both countries. C-CET has also been selected as a partner of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) Clean Vehicles Consortium.

C-CET’s educational component benefits from both its affiliation with ITS-Davis and its close connections with leading Chinese scholars. The ITS-Davis interdisciplinary Transportation Technology and Policy (TTP) graduate program includes a sub-program that specializes in China and transportation sector energy issues in other developing countries.

Since its founding, C-CET has served as a two-way learning and research center, where research learnings, experiences and new ideas are shared between California and China. C-CET facilitates study and research in China for U.S. graduate students and faculty, and invites Chinese researchers and students to visit and study at UC Davis. C-CET also holds joint workshops in the United States and China.