2024 World New Energy Vehicle Congress

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CITIZEN Hotel Metropolitan Terrace
World New Energy Vehicle Congress

Strengthening Sino-American cooperation on climate change is crucial for the global response to climate challenges and achieving carbon neutrality. In November 2023, during the China-US Summit in San Francisco, the Sino-American "Enhanced Climate Action Working Group" was initiated, reaching important consensus on joint climate crisis response and strengthening cooperation and exchanges.

Built on the long-term cooperation in the automobile and energy sectors between China and the U.S., the 2024 World New Energy Vehicle Congress (CA Hydrogen Forum) will focus on the integrated development paths of new energy vehicles (zero emission vehicles) with clean transportation and clean energy, and the development and practice of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. Through in-depth exchanges and discussions, the conference aims to further enhance the application scale of new energy vehicles and contribute to the sustainable development of the automotive industry and related sectors.

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